Monday, 9 April 2012

Youth obesity is huge (literally)

There was once a time when the whole world population was an adequate size. Yes, I'm talking about prehistoric ages, where man had to hunt for food and nearly everyone had the body of an athlete.

The future is not so bright

But how times have changed, now we're confined to desks and gnawing our way though processed foods.

However as we all know child obesity is big news, it's going to get even bigger.

And as technology develops, we'll find more excuses to not get up and have a run.

Here is what it's looking like

The graph seems to be growing nearly exponentially, and it's only a matter of time before it tips over 50%

We're all familiar with the movie WALL-E I assume, does it really take that extremity to kick our arses into gear?


our best friends
Most of us can't wait to dash home and watch the latest episode in Big Bang, while ploughing through a chocolate cake. (okay, not everyday)

Gaming has filled spaces in our lives and started to overlap into other areas where it shouldn't.

Delivery for Mcdonald's?

It's no longer scavenging leaves and the occasional pig like our ancestors, now it's 'Woooo lets go Mcdonald's!'

We have a tendency to eat more than we really need, which in turn makes us pack on the pounds.

Generally carbohydrate is the bad guy, it was a rarity all those years ago, and now it's in our cereal, sandwiches and pasta.

Try to cut down on the food and perhaps you can shred off some weight.

Remember, most times when you're hungry it's dehydration, get a glass of water and you'll be good to go!

A poll done by Peninsula Medical school showed that

  • 75% of parents failed to identify their child was overweight.
  • 33% of mums and 57% of dads thought their child's weight was ideal, when in fact they were obese.
  • Roughly 10% considered their child underweight, when in fact they were ideal.
It's only another 400 miles!
As this trend in obesity increases, perhaps we all need to rethink and identify the ideal weight as it's receiving mixed responses from all countries.


Ha exercise? I'll take the car!

Believe or it not, before around 1860 we all used to walk to places, apart from London to Manchester where you take the horse.

Try getting out for a run, or a trip to the gym, you'll find it worth your while and probably even fun!

The Top 10 biggest countries

Taken from Nationmaster, these are the 10 most obese countries
  1. United States - 30.6%
  2. Mexico - 24.2%
  3. United Kingdom - 23.0%
  4. Slovakia - 22.4%
  5. Greece - 21.9%
  6. Austrailia - 21.7%
  7. New Zealand 20.9%
  8. Hungary - 18.8%
  9. Luxemburg - 18.4%
  10. Czech Republic - 14.8%

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