Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Man turns gay after suffering from stroke

Chris Birch, 27 was a heterosexual, rugby enthusiast banker who was due to marry his girlfriend. But after a freak accident, he suddenly found himself attracted to men rather than women.

Birch was on a hill with his mates, trying to impress them by doing back-flips.

However he fell down a grassy hill, broke his neck and suffered a stroke.

What is a stroke?

A stroke is when oxygen is cut off from the brain, without oxygen, brain cells (any cell for that matter) die and the brain is forced to make new connections. And this is where new traits can emerge.

This artery stopped supplying
oxygen for a short while
Birch spent a week in a coma and shortly after was dismissed from hospital.

However one day when he was watching TV, he saw a handsome male actor and had a strange feeling of desire for him.

He said: "I felt my stomach flutter and the same feeling I used to have for pretty girls came across me."

This isn't the first time major personalities have changed due to a stroke.

Two years ago, a British man suffered a stroke and woke up to realise he was a very good painter.

To help him make sense of the situation, Birch visited a neurologist who proposed the stroke may have 'opened an area in the brain previously unused.'

Past to present

Birch stopped playing sport, quit his banking job and broke up with his fiancée.

He said he suddenly 'hated his old life' and opted for a healthier lifestyle and a job as a hairdresser. Chris now lives with his 19 year old boyfriend.

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