Monday, 9 April 2012

Surfer punches shark and survives

Perhaps you read my article a few weeks ago on how a magnet can deter a shark, but not this surfer. He decided to punch it in the face!


Sharks aren't normally the type to run away, especially a tiger shark.

Joshua Holley, from Hawii tells ABC news while he was paddling, he saw a dorsal fin and felt a sensation in his foot.

He took a glance and realised the shark had ripped out 2 tendons in his foot requiring 42 stitches (he wasn't thinking this at the time). Luckily he didn't have any exposed arteries.

According to National Geographic, tiger sharks are notorious for being man hunters, obviously Holley was no ordinary man.

He tells the reporters: "I saw it come up the other side and remembered the most sensitive part is the snout, so I punched it twice and it swam off".

Not quite a shark..
However Holley says he feels no hate towards the shark. "It was just doing what comes naturally".

Tiger sharks

Tiger sharks are fearsome and measure from 10-14 feet on average in length.

Think of a 6 foot man, standing on top of a 6 foot man, and that's is the kind of monster heading your way.

They are known for the stripes they have during childhood, which dissapear as they grow into adults.

Tiger shark's stomach contents have revealed a wide palate of items, ranging from sea turtles to number plates.

Luckily for you returning readers, you'll know that a magnet will save you!

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