Saturday, 31 March 2012

10 Things you didn't know 5 minutes ago! (Part 4)

We are at that time of the week again!

10. Uranus spins on it's side

It spins like a barrel, this is thought to be because of a collision with a planet-like body earlier in the solar system's history.

9. Butterflies taste things through their feet

Their receptors for taste are on their feet, so to test if a flower is safe if stands on it for a moment to try it. Which is why you see them land for a second then fly away after.

8. Although the Stegosaurus was 9m long, its' brain was the size of a walnut

Erm, I guess that's why it didn't survive the asteroid impact..

7. Suicide bomber ants
wrong place at the wrong time

Yes you read that correctly, a species of Malaysian ants carry glands all over their body which allow it to literally explode and cover their enemies in a toxin spraying from where it's head used to be.

6. Humpback whales sing the same song all over the world

But not only is that amazing enough, the song changes annually! Think of it like a whale national anthem, only it changes every year, and every whale knows it.

5. Oysters can change sex

Ever wondered what it's like to be a girl? Or a guy if you're a girl, well if you're one of these shelled creatures you can! Unfortunately you're not so you cant..

This is because they're asexual, so a few brave members of the species take one for the team and turn opposite gender.

4. You can't kill yourself by holding your breath

Your body just simply won't let you, the most you can do is faint and then you'll be breathing again.

3. How to test a pearl is real

Maybe you've found one on the beach, or maybe you've found one on the floor.

Want to see if it has any value? Just pour some vinegar on it, the chemical makeup of the pearl will cause it to bubble vigorously, of course then you'd be left with no pearl..

Okay here's a better test, bite the pearl gently, if it feels gritty then it is real, if it feels smooth, then it's an imitation.

2. Right handed people live 9 years longer on average than left handed people

Unfortunately I fall into that category :(, there are various reasons for this, most commonly being susceptibility to more accidents.

Evidence also suggests that left handed people may be a marker for birth stress related neuropathy (disease of the peripheral nerves which are the nerves that carry infomation to your brain).

1. If you rub an onion on your foot you can taste it in 30-60 minutes

This is due to the chemicals within the onion, it travels through your bloodstream and into your taste buds.

It works with garlic as well, this is because it contains a mild toxin which can seep through just about every membrane.

This is why people can smell if you've been eating it, not from your breath but from your skin.

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