Sunday, 29 April 2012

Africa Malaria Parasite now immune to the best anti-malarials

Malaria is a big killer, the deadliest being falciparum malaria.

Malaria is a protozoan parasite, and invades red blood cells.

Not only does it digest haemoglobin, but also makes the cells stick to the walls of capillaries, and is especially serious if it affects the brain, obstructing blood flow

And now scientists have discovered a strain which is immune to the best anti-malarials.

The majority and best type of anti malarials are called artemisinin.

Most anti-malarials use several drugs combined to form a more powerful defence.

However scientists have observed mutations in the parasite that gives it a resistive gene against artemether; one of the best drugs for malaria.

A study carried out by a team from St Georges, London found that 11 out of 28 infected patients could not be cured by antemether.

They delved a bit deeper and found that all the parasites shared the common resistive gene.

The strain was found near Thailand and will spread quickly.

India records 1.5m Malaria cases each year, 50%.

Scientists estimate it will reach Colombia in about 6 years.

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