Monday, 23 April 2012

5 Things you eat without knowing

5. Human hair

Duck feathers and human hairs are dissolved to make what's called Cysteine, an ingredient used in dough to make your bread.

This is the cheap option, and since the processed way is quite expensive, most companies opt for the Cysteine.

4. Arsenic

Arsenic is a notorious poison to multicellular life. However it is used as a food additive given to chickens which serves as an antibiotic.

Half the arsenic passes out of the chicken and is then used as a fertiliser to grow your vegetables!

The FDA not only approves this, but also approves the next 3!

3. Ground up bugs

Derived from beetles and other creepy crawlies, the lovely tone of their shells is used as food colouring in our food.

Carmine is the main one, and is extracted by boiling insects in ammonia.

Good job it's only red, ..oh wait is strawberry your favourite flavour?

2. Bug poo

Mostly used to make things shine, this is better known as shellac. Used in furniture polish, wood polish, shiny hard boiled sweets, jelly beans, chocolate, the list goes on.

Listed as 'confectioners glaze' or 'resinous glaze' it's also used to make your apples shiny. Didn't see that one coming did you!

1. Beaver anus glands

Castoreum is used as 'natural flavoring' in food and beverages.

Most commonly used in vanilla and in many raspberry flavoured sweets. It's natural alright!

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