Thursday, 12 April 2012

5 year old boy brings heroin to show-and-tell

It all happened in Bridgeport, where a boy unknowingly brought in 50 packets of heroin to his class.

Bridgeport superintendent  Paul Vallas says they boy did not know about the drugs, and simply brought in his father's jacket.


Police report the boy was wearing his father's jacket in class, and opened it revealing 10 bags, carrying in total 50 small sachets of heroin.

The teacher immediately took the jacket and alerted the principal.

The boys stepfather Roman apparently arrived a short time after he realised his jacket (and of course his heroin) was missing.

However police were already there and he was caught and arrested.

He appeared in Bridgeport court on Tuesday and was allowed $100,000 bail (or for you UK guys, £63,000).

Roman was charged with risk of injury and possession of drugs within 1500 feet of a school.

The mother was also released on bail after being charged risk of injury to a minor.

The boy is now in care of his grandma.

Vallas praises everybody who was involved, commenting that 'everything operated like clockwork'

There is a clear lesson to be learnt here, hide your jacket better!

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