Thursday, 5 April 2012

6 Things you do everyday which are actually addictions

When we think of addiction we usually think of cocaine or heroin, but how about these 6?

6. Chewing ice

We all love crunching through those cubes of H20 with many intact hydrogen bonds, however you may not know it's actually a subdivision of a disorder known as pica.

It's an obsession to eat things with no nutritional value. This includes other things like paper, I for one occasionally crunch up a paper then bite it extra hard.

5. Using lip balm

You must see those girls constantly applying a layer of balm to their lips right?

However there are some downsides they aren't aware about. For example most companies claim it reduces chapping and irritation.

What they don't include in their tagline is that it actually worsens the problem.

You've used chapstick before right? Maybe you've noticed you keep licking your lips after.

This actually dries your lips faster and hence more dryness.

4. Salty snacks

Admit it, we all love sour cream and chives pringles. They're the food God specifically gifted to us. (sorry to use the G word, just for context). But maybe its the MSG doing that.

A misconception about MSG is that it's addictive; it's not.

It's a flavour enhancer, it makes your brain think "oh yeah this is awesome!"

It's when you compare foods that don't have these is when you think pringles is superior (even though it is).

3. Sweet foods

we all know the coke flavour one was the
best, pardon the pun.
Sweet foods is hard-wired into our nature for addiction. It helped us identify edible foods back when we were all hairy and carrying clubs around.

Why are they sweet?

Plants love to spread themselves, for example that daisy you plucked the head off wants it's babies to grow up over in America. But the only way for this is to move.

But the thing is they can't move, their roots are anchored into the ground. That's why they need you!

They need you to eat more of the seeds so you can take a dump somewhere else and let their babies (rise from the ashes) so to speak.

 And what better way to get you to do this than keep you coming back for more?

2. Try to receive attention

Yeah, half of you are thinking of a certain person right now but rather than bitch about them, congratulate them. They're doing evolution right!

Being the centre attention helps you conquer problems and realise your flaws.

It also brings people together if done successfully, which was a crucial necessity in prehistoric times when everyone more or less had to be a one man army.

1. Listening to pop music

Yes I'm talking about Lady Gaga, or the garbage that X factor churns out each year.

You probably think you hate it, which is true. However your brain scans show otherwise. MRI scans scanned the brains of many young adults while listening to chart music.

It picked up areas of activity found in the pleasure area of the brain and what's strange is that it lit up like a firework display.

Even more stranger is that they were asked to review the song and the vast majority reported to dislike it.

This means that somewhere deep, deep inside.. your brain enjoys Justin Bieber

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