Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Smoking may increase risk of Schizophrenia

Yet another disadvantage of smoking appears in the news..

Smoking may feel good, but here's another wave of crippling downsides.


Schizophrenia has for a long time thought to be hereditary, but even though countless studies and research goes towards it, not even the gene has been isolated.

Many attempted treatments have appeared to have just worsened the symptoms. Schizophrenia is a mental disorder expressed by sudden changes of thought, and poor emotive response.

It ties in with many other disorders too such as depression and drug abuse.

Common symptoms are hallucinations (most report hearing voices), delusions, inability to create flowing sentences and a noticeable absence in social groups if any.


When you process a certain stimuli, most mentally well people suppress all irrelevant stimuli so their brain can focus on the main one.

The study

Boris Quednow and his team lead a study of over 1,800 people to investigate the connection between schizophrenia and a gene called TCF4. This gene plays a role in early brain development.

The study showed that the carriers of TCF4 filtered stimuli less effectively, and this effect was increased with the factor of smoking.

It's also not coincidence that the good majority of those with schizophrenia and smokers as well.

The scientists surveyed the interactions the subjects did with other people and deduced that smoking alters the impact of genes associated with schizophrenia.


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