Sunday, 15 April 2012

5 extremely painful ways to be killed by an animal

5. Eaten alive

We'll start with the obvious one..

Tigers, wolves, wild dogs, coyotes: All these animals usually hunt in packs, and the way it can kill efficiently is by one pinning you down while the others gut you at their leisure!

Painful? I think so. Unluckily for you, they can't simply break your spine, they aren't strong enough.

So for larger animals they tend to just bring them down and start devouring you while your screaming for your life.

4. Constriction

The anaconda can squeeze at at the pressure of 6kg per square cm. This effectively means overall force of 4000kg on you.

Horses weight roughly 500kg, so picture 8 horses squishing you and you can imagine how it would feel.

However luckily for you! You won't die of asphyxiation, your ribs are more likely to give way and you'll die from cardiac arrest instead yay!

But while you're dying, the anaconda will then swallow you whole.

3. Gutted by the Cassowary

The Cassowary is basically a huge bird, native to Australia.

It's a vegetarian so if it attacks you, you know you've done something wrong!

They way they usually get you is first by a flying kick. Normally you would die from that, but in the case you don't, you'll have ruptured organs and they will then proceed to eviscerate you with their half foot long claws.

These birds are so dangerous that they are considered the most dangerous animals in kept in zoos.

2. Death by rape

Ever wondered what it's like to be brutally raped by a fish? The Candiru from the Amazon can tell you how much pain their victims are in for.

These guys are relatives of the catfish, but they're more like evil cousins.

If you ask someone from the Amazon what their most feared animal is, it's not the Piranha or the deadly spiders, it's the Candiru!

They like to prey on fish, swimming into their gills and eating them from inside out.

But often they happen to find people swimming in rivers. People have an opening in their body that looks warm, and the Candiru like to swim into these places.

But wait, it gets worse, as soon as you leave the water, the fish dies. Now you have a rotting dead fish quite a long way up your behind (or for girls in front), and in the middle of the Amazon there is no hospital to save you.

1. Siafu attack

This particular species of ant known as driver ants, or siafu ants hang powerful stingers. However usually they don't use their stings, they rely on their even more powerful jaws.

These ants hunt in colonies, often up to 50,000,000 at a time, so if you see a massive army of ants moving towards you, run away.

Actually, you won't need to run away because luckily, they travel extremely slow, moving at roughly 20 metres an hour.

But if they do reach you, they will enter every orifice of your body; mouth, ears, nose, eyes and will devour you from the inside.

These ants are small too, so expect them to enter your most private areas.

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  1. wolves almost never attack humans... they're scared of humans, due to hundreds of years of persecution