Sunday, 4 March 2012

Top 11 deadliest things on earth

I'm starting to really like doing Top 10's etc, so I reckon I'll do at least one a week :)

11. Potassium Cyanide

Heard of cyanide before? You don't want to mistake it for sugar, 200mg is enough to send you to the locker. First it'll react with your stomach acid, converting it to Hydrogen cyanide, the deadliest form of cyanide, it'll stop your body using oxygen which means your cells can't respirate.

You know what that means right?  You'll die of asphyxiation very slowly, and very painfully..

That's a cheap shot!
10. Polar bear

Maybe you're thinking these guys are soft at heart. But they're really not, edge within a couple metres of their offspring and you'll face 3 metres of bear clawing your face off.

9. Western water hemlock

Not your average daffodil, behind those innocent white petals is an alkaloid which will brutally savage your nervous system. This'll make you have seizures like there's no tomorrow and you'll be paralysed for a fair amount of time.

Regarded as North America's most toxic plant, it is also a member of the carrot family.

8. Death stalker scorpioin

Usually scorpions aren't known for being extremely dangerous. However this guy is an exception, his poison is a cocktail of all sorts of deadly toxins which likely will end in your squirming in unimaginable pain for  very long time!

7. Mosquito

Wearing your insect repellent? Most of you have been bit by one, and chances are you won't have suffered more than an itch. However in third world countries such as Africa, they carry deadly diseases and viruses such as Malaria.

Malaria has no cure apart from prevention, and is responsible for 2 million deaths a year!

6. The box jellyfish

These can grow up to 3 metres in length, and pack a punch in their tenticles. You'll have seen these in Finding Nemo when Dory is bouncing around, yeah don't do that it'll annoy them. And when you annoy these guys they'll pump toxin into you like a bicycle.

Recorded as one of the most painful stingers ever, I wouldn't want to get caught in a flock of these.

If you're brave enough for the saw video  -

5. Hydrogen Fluoride

Ever seen Saw VI? You'll have seen the guy getting pumped with Hydrofluoric acid and you'll see the agonising pain and death that slowly follows.

4. Black widow

You knew this would be on the list didn't you? It's called the black widow because the female eats the male just after sex, not a good way to finish is it?

Normally the bites don't kill if given medical attention, but if you happen to stick your hand into a family of these spiders, you'll die for sure.

They're are identified by their trademark red hourglass on their back.

Entering badass territory 

3. Poison dart frog

These guys may look harmless, but they have enough toxin in them to kill 20 humans!

They have the signature stripes to warn potential predators to back off, and if they don't they'll die a painful death from the poison they ingest.

Next time you're wandering through a jungle, be careful you don't step on one of these. It's mother might just come after you.

2. Blue ring octopus

These are as deadly as they look, one swipe from this guy has 10,000x the toxicity as cyanide; a famous chemical many people use to murder others.

This octopus is only the size of a golf ball! Nevertheless, if you irritate this guy he's sure make you pay for it. There is no known cure for this poison, the only thing you can do is apply pressure and a lot of mouth to mouth.

Not that you'll receive any if you're mooching around at the bottom of the ocean.

1. Clostridium Botulinum

Here we go, the big number one. You be thinking "Oh great what a measly little bacteria". It's the most powerful neurotoxin discovered, it's an enzyme which brutally attacks your muscles leaving you paralysed. Except that's nothing to worry about when you're dead!

The reason why this rod shaped pathogen is number one is that a tablespoon has the potency to kill 1.2 billion people, or rather, 20% of the human population!


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  2. People often wonder what is the deadliest creature on the planet and argue about which animal should take that spot. To be honest though, none deserve that crowning glory better than us humans. But that set aside, let us take a quick look at the supposedly deadliest animals on the planet rated based on their danger to humans as the main criteria.

  3. ermahgerd dearth Eli Simons

  4. Scorps are crazy deadly! This is the deadliest one I've seen!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Wow! That might kill a person if he drinks a glass of it. Maybe. Or not.

  6. ahhhhh
    so all the poisons we make to kill things and each other got beaten by a bacteria i see.
    hopefully we don't use this to spray our crops.

  7. Umm.... Blue ring octopus has venom that is 1200 times more toxic than cyanide, not 10 000. Don't always trust everything. And even though it's really small, 12 to 20 cm, it carries enough venom to kill 26 grown human males within minutes, and there's no cure for it.

  8. Clostridium Botulinium. One tablespoon can wipe out 20% of our race.


    I love being a human.

    1. what do you mean we inject it into our faces


  9. I freaking inject it into my buttoch on saturdays

  10. I wonder why people even want to know the creepiest crawliest slimy deadliest things in the first place.