Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Tumour baby swims back to life

Rosanna Ogden was just 6 weeks old when she had open heart surgery.

She had a disease; rhabdomyoma, a benign tumour so rare that only 3 cases have been present in the UK.

Parents Nick and Sanam were told the chances of her survival was slim.

The doctor then suggested that physical activity could help her recover, what they did not know was that she had a natural talent for water.

Only 10 weeks after the operation, her mother took her to the local swimming pool for classes, and where her fellow toddlers cried, she excelled.

Now, the 'little mermaid' can swim without armbands at the age of two.

In march, she qualified to be the youngest person ever to swim for the British heart foundation. She raised over $1000!

What may be even more amazing is that she could swim before learning to walk.

Her coach Mary Parkinson added: "She's like a little fish, she swims fantastically for her age".

What does the future hold?

Coach Ben Hamlett responds: "The Olympic Gold"

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