Sunday, 15 January 2012

Why you get hangovers

So you've been to a party, had a great time and pulled a few people. Next thing you wake up with a banging headache! Why is this?

Caused by a lack of water, hangovers stop your body from functioning properly and can feel especially brutal if you are dehydrated before a night out.

Because of this lack of water, your brain tells you to conserve energy, which is why you can't be bothered doing anything the morning after.

Why you sometimes can't remember anything

Alcohol inhibits the amount of oxygen getting to your brain which impairs the amount of processing going on. This results in lack of coordination, lack of judgement and lack of memory.

Several factors affect the severity of a hangover

  • The amount of sleep
  • Amount of alcohol
  • How tired you were before you drank
  • How hydrated you are
  • How much you've had to eat
You may notice during a night of drinking, you break the seal. You probably don't realise this because your having too much of a good time but you end up going to the loo around 3-4 times in a night. This causes a substantial loss of water which your body needs.

Alcohol consumption increases the amount of stomach acid produced, this is why you feel sick. It also dilates your blood vessels, slowing down oxygen getting to places. That's why you feel tired and get headaches.

How to reduce your chances of one

Get some carbohydrate in you beforehand, it'll raise your blood sugar levels so you have more energy.

Now... this one works every time for me, after you get home drink about 2-3 glasses of water. Sure, you'll be running to the toilet every 10 minutes but at least you'll feel good in the morning!

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