Monday, 16 January 2012

The truth behind Marijuana

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Why is Cannibis illegal?

Propaganda is the answer.

Years and years ago during the heroin epidemic, the government wanted to enforce a no drugs law. This impacted everything from cocaine down to marijuana. Some political guy made a video to portray harmful effects in cannibis and from that, the drug escalated into a frame where people thought it was highly dangerous.

It's believed that marijuana has harmful effects, is addictive and destroys the lungs. But in reality, it's the total opposite!

In fact, marijuana has been proven to have so many medical benefits, from relaxation to anti-inflammatory properties. The fact that it's illegal means these effects can be less exploited.

Weed vs Tobacco

Even though the smoke in cannibis is similar to tobacco, they have nearly the opposite effect! Smoking tobacco is well known to restrict your airways, and damage alveoli in the lungs, in turn decreasing oxygen transfer (which is why smoker's can't breathe well).

BUT, smoking cannibis has strong evidence to OPEN your airways more! Yes you read that right. Testing lung capacity is done by blowing through a tube, and the further the disk inside moves, the better your airways. Well, pot smokers have reportedly done better in these tests than an average person.

Even better news, this study was taken over 2 decades with around 5000 men and women so it's not just a one off observation. But even though a lot of people were examined, more need to be tested so the answer is not clear yet.

However you still shouldn't smoke cannabis if you are still growing, as the effects on the brain are poorly understood. The drug is also known to be damaging in long term if used often.

Now I'm not promoting the use of illegal drugs (so if any official people see this, please don't go after me). I'm merely interpreting several sources on the drug!

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