Monday, 9 January 2012

Medlink 2011

Recently, I've just returned from a conference in Nottingham known as Medlink!

So what is it?

It was a super informative conference set up specifically to give you the answer to "Do I want to be a doctor?". Representatives from nearly every single speciality gave lectures on their field of work. From 'a day in the life of'' to 'the enjoyment factor', details of each role were superbly explained and crucial key points were given such as routes into the speciality and how demanding the job was.

Surprisingly, I hadn't even heard of over 60% of the different specialities! If you can relate it to medicine, there is most likely a speciality  for it. From sticking cameras up backsides to repairing aorta's to brain surgery, there's a job for everybody!

Other lectures were based on how to get there, such as how to revise, how to achieve that key A* grade and even the chemistry behind love and sexual attraction!

Medlink was a brilliant experience, and I'd recommend it to anyone thinking about becoming a doctor. For more information about the medical conference, visit

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