Monday, 30 January 2012

Grape seed extract: Cure for cancer

Head and neck cancer is a big killer, however perhaps the cure lies in the tasty little fruit?

Cancer is among the biggest killers in medical history, caused by rapid mitosis, the body mass quickly grows into uncontrolled proportions.

The idea for this all started in around 2008, where it was monitored eating a lot of fruit produces more antioxidants, which trigger cell death in cancer cells, but not in healthy ones.

The reason this whole thing is so slow is because curing cancer in a test tube is not the same as curing it in a live subject, in a live being, there are so many other uncertainties and risks that can happen, for example if the drug is toxic to blood cells.

Grape seed extract has recently been discovered to hinder the quick multiplication, but wait, it gets better! Normally, cancer drugs affect both healthy cells and cancerous cells. (Which is why when people undergo treatment they lose hair)

They lose hair because hair cell growth is very slow. If you slow this down even more, it just doesn't grow fast enough.

However, the extract has been evident to halt cancerous growth, but not healthy cells! This would prove to be a breakthrough in Oncology!

This process has already made it to animal trials, which effects were seen in mice, however will the same effects prove successful in clinical trials? Only time will tell.

Currently, the trial has been moved to clinical, and patients will undergo treatment if their first chemotherapy sessions fail.

However, it is only targeted to head and neck cancer, but perhaps in time the chemistry behind the extract can be exploited, and prove to be a viable weapon to the bigger killers.

Before you try it, don't eat yourself to death with grapes, it won't work!


  1. These Herbal extract are made using handpicen the solid matter is removed leaving the oils with the alcohol

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