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Why do you cry? / Your tears, the ultimate weapon

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Why do you cry?

Crying is a chemical reaction in your body which is provoked by emotion and pain. If you didn't know, newborn babies don't produce tears when they cry because they lack the experience of emotion and pain to induce the chemical reaction, add that to your fact bank eh?

Your tears

Your tears are a weapon against bacteria, it has been well known that tears contain healing properties but recently, scientists have nailed the cause.

Tears contain lysosomes which in turn contain lysozymes, the enzyme used in breaking down organic material. And it so happens this enzyme annihilates bacteria, literally ploughing through bacteria cell walls like a digger!

UCL scientists managed to create a transistor over 20 times smaller than the ones found in your laptop. A transistor on a molecular scale. Individual lysozymes were attached to the transistor, and their chomping habits were measured. Collins, one of the scientists said "It's just like a stethoscope listening to your heart, but this one listens for protein".

The 3 types of tears

Basal tears

These are always in your eyes, stopping them from drying out. If you ever feel tired and your eyes are dry, it's because of a lack of basal tears.

Reflex tears

These are the ones you produce when you get dirt in your eyes, or when the wind blows in your face. They protect your eyes from potentially being damaged.

Interesting fact here, onions make you cry because the onion cells have a chemical inside them which stimulates your tear glands. When you cut through the onion, you rupture the cells and the chemical is released.

Emotional tears

These are provoked through hormones from the endocrine system. Sadness is registered in your cerebrum, the largest part of your brain. That's the part of your brain responsible for your reaction when Bambi's mum

So now you know a lot more about tears. Next time you injure yourself, just cry and rub your tears on your wound!

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