Friday, 13 January 2012

Fry-ups and cancer

Do you like your bacon and sausages?

A group of Swedish scientists have proposed a link between processed meat (yes bacon is a processed meat) and pancreatic cancer.

They suggest eating just over 70 grams of processed meat daily can increase risks of pancreatic cancer by up to 19%, and every added 50 grams adds on another 19%. So lets say you eat 10 sausages a day (a bit far fetched I know), you would supposedly have an added risk of 171% developing pancreatic cancer.

To make matters worse, pancreatic cancer has a shockingly low survival rate, so if you are a bacon lover and eat over a pack daily, you may want to check with your doctor the status of your pancreas..

Fortunately the chances of developing pancreatic cancer anyway is reasonably low, roughly 1.30% in men, and  1.27% in women.

However this could just be a link between obesity and pancreatic cancer, and it's worth pointing out smoking is a much riskier habit to develop not just pancreatic cancer, but 11 others also.

So, until any further evidence is released, I won't be reducing my bacon intake and I plan to have a fry-up tomorrow morning!

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