Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Class A drugs may soon be adapted for medical use

Everyone takes drugs for a reason, most of them for re-creative purposes, so there must be some benefit medically?

Normally illegal drugs aren't open for medical analysis, mainly because well, it's illegal. The government restricts scientists from carrying out research on drugs, but soon it might change!

Research call

Many doctors and scientists have called for a loosening on the grips of illegal drugs, wanting to exploit the drugs benefits and use the positive effects to create a new, legal drug.

However, because of the government being the government, they still firmly hold a tight grip on drugs policy. 


Most drugs have desired effect.

For cannabis it's the relaxed sensation, the rumour that it has caused deaths is totally propaganda, no deaths have happened whatsoever!

Ecstasy could be used for spiritual purposes. (however unlikely as many cases have resulted in suicide etc)

For magic mushrooms it's the mild hallucinations, though they aren't harmful, people can experience good trips or bad trips. The best being seeing colours pulsating etc, and the worst being dizzyness.

Even LSD has potential therapeutic effects!

What are the possibilities?

For cannabis, if it is legalized then it can be widely used to treat depression, while also being good for you! (for more info on that, read one of my earlier articles on cannabis)

For magic mushrooms, it could be used as an anti depressant

For heroin it could possibly even be exploited as a very powerful painkiller.


With all these comes prices, many of illegal drugs are addictive and this could be a major problem if they are legalized, not to mention some other harming effects, for example heroin clogs blood vessels which can lead to serious problems.

I'm not promoting the uses of any of these drugs, merely stating the paths research of them could lead to, they are harmful and have many side effects!


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