Monday, 12 March 2012

Top 5 most embarrassing disorders

It's not what you think!
5. Cornu Cutaneum

Looking bad is one thing, but growing a horn is another!

Made from the same molecules as a rhinoceros horn, this is one thing that'll surely bring out your animalistic side.

Technically it's not a horn because it's not anchored to a bone, but with todays society, it's certainly frowned upon!

If you're particularly keen to have horns sprouting from your, you'll be glad to know there's a 40% rate of this being malignant and soon you'll be growing horns all over yourself. (I can think of one place I'm certain I don't want a horn..)

4. Macrodactyly

Have you ever seen Shallow Hal with Jack Black?

There's a part where his friend dumps his girlfriend because she has an abnormally large toe. Possibly because she has this disorder..

This rare birth defect makes your digits grow abonormally fast, so next time you poke the finger, you can really poke it!

3. Anal Fissure

I just shudder when I think of this, this is most commonly caused by homosexual men engaging in sex. And I think you can guess what happens next.. (There's no pictures because of obvious reasons haha)

I'll just tell you these things are incredibly painful, and even though you're probably reluctant, you need to see your doctor about it.

2. Werewolf Syndrome (Hypertrichosis)

Real life werewolves? Perhaps, but without the biting, razor sharp teeth, violence and dribbling.

A mexican family with this disorder were offered a part in the X files, unsurprisingly they declined!

Unfortunately for the victims, there is no cure for this. They just have to wax every day!

1. Blue skin disorder (Argyria)

No, they aren't from Avatar or the Smurfs!

This condition is caused by excess exposure to Silver compounds. Eventually after all the silver is taken into your body, the sun reacts with it in your skin, turning your complexion into a blueish grey.

However it is believed to be irreversible, once a Na'vi always a Na'vi I guess.

There aren't any medical problems associated with this disorder, simply cosmetic. Although I reckon just being blue will come with it's own palate of problems.

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