Sunday, 18 March 2012

10 Things you didn't know 5 minutes ago! (Part 2)

Here's part two of things you didn't know!

10. A weapon could turn you gay

Some people named this the gay bomb. The U.S air force planned on developing a chemical weapon which can turn the victims homosexual.

Recently I heard they dropped this over Canada just before Justin Bieber's rise to fame!

9. Astronauts can't burp

Well, on earth they can..

There's no gravity in space to separate the liquid from gas, and so gas can't flow to the top of the stomach.

8. Picking your nose and eating it is healthy

Strong evidence shows that it gives your body smaller doses of bacteria which makes the body produce antibodies to fight against.

This strengthens the immune system. Better now than later right?

7. Alcohol in space

The gas cloud that makes up Sagittarius B contain a billion billion billion (x10^27) litres of alcohol, anyone plan on opening a pub called Sagittarius?

6. Our moon is extremely dry

In fact, 1 million times drier than the treacherous Gobi desert, I doubt you'll be imagining oasis on the moon..

5. Around a trillion neutrinos from the sun will pass through your body while you read this sentence

Neutrino's are neutral sub atomic particles which have a mass close to 0. Being electically neutral, they don't react with much and the sun is completely packed of these.

4. You can die of laughter

In roughly 300 BC, a greek philospher called Chrysippus died of laughter after seeing a donkey eating some figs (absolutely hilarious).

3. The moon is moving away from the earth

Astronomers have observed the moon's orbit getting larger and larger. This works to the moon getting 3.8cm further away every year.

It's suspected though after 15 billion years that the distancing will stabilise at 1.6x the current distance.

2. Blood pumps out of your heart at 3 feet per second

This might seem slow, but if you measure out 3 feet, and consider the size of your heart (clench your fist) then it's quite remarkable.

Your heart doesn't stop pumping throughout your life, so if you live for 80 years, at 72bpm.

Here's the calculation..

72 beats in a minute x 60 minutes in an hour = 4320 beats in an hour.

4320 beats in an hour x 24 hours = 103680 beats in a day

103680 beats in a day x 365.25 days (0.25 so it's not complicated by leap years) = 37,869,120 beats in a year

37,869,120 beats in a year x 80 years = 3,029,529,600 beats in your lifetime!

And last but not least!


When a flea jumps, the acceleration is 20x faster than that of a shuttle launch!

How high and fast can you jump?

Fleas have the energy to catapult itself up a distance of 200x it's length. But how?

Scientists discovered that it's due to a special mechanism in their legs, a multi joint system. It has a structure inside which acts like an internal spring, allowing it to spring up to massive heights.

Scientists are planning to exploit this design into robots and the like.

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