Thursday, 15 March 2012

Explaining love scientifically

It's hard to exactly pinpoint what's going on at what time, but scientists have narrowed it down to 3 major stages.

Don't drink this..
Stage 1 

Testoerone hormones open the gateway. This is when you notice them and think "Oh yeah, I would".

Testosterone is secreted in the testis of men and ovaries of females, which what makes 'your balls tingly' so to speak.

Females are more sensitive to testosterone, but males produce 10x more. Perhaps explaining why males are so into dirty jokes etc.

Testosterone counterparts are involved in every species
  • In fish it's called 1,1-ketotestosterone.
  • In insects it's called Ecdysone
  • This suggests that mating hormones are hardwired into nature.
Your brain also sends stimulations to the heart which is what you feel as butterflies.
Responsible for your nervousness

Stage 2

Your level of cortisol increases. This is the same stuff that's released during stress, it raises your blood sugar.

This is the stage where you get nervous and start mumbling your words.

Stage 3

This part is where everything is going to end well. Your brain has 12 areas which work together to release a ton of feel good hormones such as Serotonin and Oxytonin which contributes to the feeling of happiness.

Serotonin is used in some anti depressants, it's also the hormone that makes a man 'make the move'

Motherly love

Love between you and your mum is extremely different to love for someone else (otherwise you should be worried).

This is because with you and your mum, your brain doesn't have the 'reward' area lit up.

With say a boyfriend or girlfriend, the reward area of the brain lights up like crazy because you expect them to do things for you out of your input for them.

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