Sunday, 25 March 2012

The planets that travel at 30 million mph

Okay, you may have realised, it's quite fast.. but still it's only a twentieth of the speed of light!

These badass planets are some of the fastest moving things in our universe, but since they're planets you should give them more credit!
Supermassive black holes

As you probably know, there's a supermassive black hole at the centre of our galaxy. 

Now it's no ordinary black hole (as you can guess by the name). 

It's a super badass black hole which has the power to engulf everything. 
Think of it as the big evil black creature from mario, it destroys EVERYTHING. 

Anyway, the supermassive black hole is the reason why our galaxy is swirling and rotating and looks like a spiral.

So planets..

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When a dual solar system (like our solar system but with 2 suns) goes near a supermassive black hole, the black hole rips it apart, sending one sun into the hole of doom and the other slingshots out like a cannonball (only a lot faster).

Because planets orbit the sun, scientists have simulated this and reckon it'll fly with the sun.

So what if you managed to travel at that speed?

  1. You could travel from London to New York in less than half a second!
  2. You could fly to the moon in about 30 seconds
  3. You would get from Macclesfield to London in 0.0000050 seconds! (Beats driving there in 4 hours..)

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