Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Dessert for breakfast helps you lose weight

What sounds like the most ironic statement in the history of irony, is not actually ironic.

Chocolate cake, a calorie filled heaven of yummyness. Often branded as making you fat but, well actually it does..


Intake of calorie rich food in the morning helps you lose weight, both short term and long term!


The key is your high metabolism after you wake up!

You've just been sleeping for a good 8 hours, (or 3 hours for you insomniacs) your body isn't thinking about what to do today, or who's fit, it's only thought is that it wants some food.

So now you have a brief period where your body will literally burn anything you eat!

Lets say you eat some cereal and a slice of Thornton's chocolate cake (only the best). That's around 600 calories in total. correct me if I'm wrong!

The average person burns 61 calories an hour doing nothing, so sitting there watching grass grow.

But when you throw in a few other factors, like reading or getting ready for work or generally doing something which needs your mind, you increase the calorie burnage to about 150 calories an hour.

What else?

Include a few more factors like a morning workout or run, then you'll be burning calories fast!

Eating such a high calorie rich meal in the morning reduces your cravings for the rest of the day, which means you'll be eating less also.

The scale tells the tale 

A scientific study done by some Jewish scientists got 193 clinically obese non diabetic adults. The men consumed 1600 calories a day, the women 1400.

The adults were put into 2 groups, the first were put on a low carb diet, including a tiny 300 calorie breakfast. The second group had the same, but this time a 600 calorie breakfast which always contained a dessert.

At a milestone in the study, both groups had an average loss of 33 pounds per participant. But at the end of the study the high calorie breakfast group lost 40 pounds more than the first group!

You might wanna start stocking up on chocolate cake!

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