Wednesday, 29 February 2012

5 health myths you thought were true

Here's a few health myths that are often regarded true, have a 
listen to these guys while you're at it -

5. You need 8 glasses of water a day

Yeah, you don't. There is actually no significant scientific evidence saying you need 8 glasses a day. Sure you need water, that's for the cytoplasm in your cells. But just by eating food which has moisture, and also drinking other drinks, you fulfil that 8 glasses anyway.

Most people are under the illusion that it HAS to be water, yeah water is good but there other things which can wet your whistle.

Also not only do you then fill your body up with more water than necessary, you'll have to nip to the toilet every 10 minutes to empty it out.

A good indication whether you need something to drink is the colour of your wee, if it's pale, then you're fine, if it's dark, then it's time to get some H2O

4. Acne is caused by not washing properly

Acne is caused by hormones from sebaceous glands, which are at the height of activity during teenage years. If you wash your face too often you actually increase the amount of spots you get because you wash away body oil that is essential to keep your skin healthy.

You just need to focus on getting rid of them when they arise.

3. Reading in dim light ruins your eyesight

Haha, my mum says this to me as well, it's false. 

Remember doing this on the right when you were younger?

It's true that reading in darker places strains your eyes, but when you sleep your eye muscles get to rest and you're perfectly fine and back to normal.

2. Cold weather makes you catch a cold

This myth was debunked by the Common Cold 
Research unit. 

They got 2 healthy groups who were picked randomly, gave them the cold virus, and made one group sit in a warm room, the other dripping wet standing in a hallway. 

None of them caught a cold, maybe this is just a matter of chance, but I reckon its more about your personal immune system and how well it's doing.

1. You can catch up on sleep at the weekend

Most people believe this, but it's wrong! While it can help you feel fresh on the Sunday morning, you have just altered your body clock. 

So now good old you thinks it gets to enjoy a nice lie-in every day which isn't going to happen.

By doing that you stop your body working at full speed ahead the next day and loads of problems obviously come with that.

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