Sunday, 26 February 2012

10 Things you didn't know 5 minutes ago! (Part 1)

10. Venom from a certain Brazilian spiders causes erections

Not the kind you want either, normally it'll come up at a inconvenient time and you'll just hide it. Not with this fella called Phoneutrier Negriventer. These guys aren't only massive with a leg span of 15cm, but also their venom can give you a raging boner for several hours!

9. You shouldn't water your plants in the daytime

The water droplets act as magnifying glasses that magnifies the sun's rays which can burn your plant, which is never good. 

This counts for humans too! If you've recently been for a dip you may find that your legs or arms burn faster. Unless you have a hairy body that is..

8. According to the bible, God said "Let there be light!"

Except.. It took 500,000 years for the universe to expand enough to allow photons to travel freely, I'm afraid its Science 1 : 0 God!

7. How the Aurora Borealis works (The Northern Lights)

Solar wind form the sun excites atoms in the atmosphere, Oxygen goes green, Nitrogen goes blue and red!

Colour is caused by when an electron jumps up or down an electron shell. When the electron moves down, energy in the form of a photon (light) is emitted and you see whatever wavelength of colour the energy is equal to.

6. How a solar powered device works

Take your calculator for example, if you have an old fashioned battery powered one, you'll have to keep replacing the cell. But with solar power it can last forever!

How this works is called the photoelectric effect. When high energy waves like from the sun bombard the metal surface of your solar panel, the electrons get released with a bit of energy. 

5. Women with breast implants shouldn't go to space

You may have heard of the recent PIP implant crisis? Well lets hope they don't get to space, the decrease in pressure would cause your boobs to explode! Nobody wants to go from a DD to an AAA..

4. Everyone dreams the same kind of dream

Some scientists carried out a study where they asked a ton of people to record what the theme of their dream was, it got totalled up into 55 themes! And of course.. The big number 1 on the list was some kind of sexual encounter.

3. Neutron stars are seriously heavy

They are the most dense things we know about (apart from a black hole). If you put a neutron star the size of a 10p coin on a scale, it would weigh 100 million tons!

2. Astronauts aren't allowed to eat beans

NASA reckons beans will make them fart which increases the pressure in their spacesuit, something you do not want! Oh and also it'd smell a bit.

And last but not least..

1. At least 75% of people who read this will try to lick their elbow!

Ha, you did it didn't you?

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