Wednesday, 22 February 2012

5 Ways to improve your memory

You may think that your memory is poor, and way below other peoples, but now's the time you can stop being jealous because you're about to learn how to improve yours!

Your brain is a complex piece of equipment. In a computer, to increase capacity, you simply add another computer chip, but with your brain, you need to stimulate it. With specific stimulations, you can open new pathways in your brain and learn new information!

The human brain has the ability to adapt and change according to your surroundings, this is known as neuroplasticy.

Therefore your brain has the power to increase memory and learn information.

Hit the gym or do sport

Many disorders linked to obesity go hand in hand with memory loss. Exercise regularly and you have more oxygen flowing to your brain!

Some studies show that exercise releases more healthy chemicals for your brain. It also protects brain cells!

Stop going on late night Facebook

When you are sleep deprived, your brain is working on half power, think of it as a nuclear power station with only half the atoms going in, you only get half out.

Concentration, learning, problem solving, creativity and general common sense abilities are all hindered during a period of sleep deprivation.

Scientists also found that memory enhancing activity increased a lot during the deep stages of sleep. (Also when you dream)

Be social!

Locking yourself in your room knocking one off isn't going to help your brain. Get out, see things, meet people!

Humans are in control for a reason, because we communicate. Interacting with other people get the brain juices flowing more.

A study from Harvard showed that the most social people have slow brain degeneration. Now I guess you want to visit your local club eh?

Now if you really aren't a sociable character, you can always get a dog. They're man's best friend for a reason!


Does laughing feel good? Of course it does! Even down to the point you feel you're getting a 24 pack!

Brain scans show that laughter stimulates regions all over the brain, literally it lights up like a firework display.

How to experience more laughter

  • Bring up embarassing memories with friends, not only does your brain love it, its a chance to get over something
  • Have playful friends, boring is a plague, and spreads fast
  • Stick photos around the house, have a poster of something you love, anything to spark some cheerfulness
  • Engage with children, when I work with children, I find that they have boundless amounts of energy, and usually whatever the activity, a board game or simple chatting, we always find a level ground of humour.
Get your brain nutrients!
There are loads of brain enhancing food, some of them tasty!
  • Omega 3, unfortunately this one isn't tasty, you're best downing a pill
  • Fruit and veg are loaded with antioxidants which protect your brain
  • Wine (in moderation) improves memory, but just a glass, don't go downing bottle upon bottle in an effort to make yourself a super human.
Your brain requires energy, so make sure you have plenty of carbohydrates to keep your body powerhouse going!

Tips for revision or if you just want to remember things
  • Use as many senses as possible, the more stimuli, the more brain usage
  • Focus on basic ideas then build up, it's like rebuilding a bridge from scratch, its better to completely rebuild than keep fixing holes (been waiting to say that for ages!

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