Monday, 28 May 2012

Chemical extracted from seaweed may combat arthritis

The Hawaiian coral reefs are under invasion from these so called 'nuisance' seaweed.

Arthritis is the inflammation of one of more joints, usually in the hands.

After analysis, scientists found that the seaweed is a cyanobacterium.

Through the evolution progress of millions of years, these species have undergone a rigorous adaptation which has allowed them to evolve complex and numerous strategies for competition with similar species.

The species undergoes rapid growth under what is usually stressful condition.

The cyanobacteria organism has accelerated growth when exposed to UV, high solar radiation and high temperature.

Biologists took samples of the seaweed after observing it was dominating the ocean floor and bleaching the coral reef.

When they analysed it, it contained hanaucins, a natural potent anti-inflammatory.

Researchers say: "They could be used in the future to treat other chronic diseases from arthritis to cancer to heart trouble."

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